The Letter S
My photo is a meme. HIGHLIGHT OF MY LIFE. Thank you, kind soul.
For those that do not know…

I have a portfolio website: http://torikokei.wordpress.com/

There you will find photos of bands like bless4, exist trace, and (please god bare in mind I was shooting with a Nikon 55 on FILM and if I ever get a chance to shoot them again it will be with a MUCH better camera…) Dir en grey. 

The photos were taken for http://jrockrevolution.com/

So please feel free to share my photos, but give me credit. I’ve noticed a few photos have been found through the tags like Kyo, and exist trace, I’ve also noticed a few people who have credited, and I thank you! :D 

I don’t mind you guys sharing the photos, it really makes me proud. I’m just now starting to get the hang of editing, and really, I’m learning new things every day, so I hope I am getting better for you guys. I plan on getting a new camera soon, so hopefully I can bring new, better pictures soon. 

However, I would like you to credit. Include a link to the post on jrockrevolution, OR the link to my website. NOT because I’m a HORRIBLE STINGY PERSON who thinks my photos are REALLY SUPERB and all of that…but merely because I think if you share the links, then more people can find the photos, and can keep up when I post new ones. So, please feel free to share, but also please credit so others can enjoy them as well!

Thank you!


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